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Hyderabad/Secunderabad/Cyberabad come together at this Social Strata. Ah Haha!

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This is the community of LiveJournal users from Hyderabad, India.

New to Hyderabad or to LiveJournal? Feel free to introduce yourself on the community. Want to meet fellow LJ users from Hyderabad? Announce a LJ meet on the community and most of the members are more than glad to oblige. Any event taking place in the geographical location of Hyd/Sec'bad? Don't forget to inform the fellow members. Are you new to the city of Hyderabad and looking for some help in the city? Just Ask.

If you're interested in a sneak-peek at what goes on during the Offline cyberabad LJ-meets, you might wanna check out:
The Official Cyberabad Pic-Page

Please follow the below guidelines when posting in the community:

  • This community is about Hyderabad, and don't use it as a medium to address the people of Hyderabad.

  • Post items related to the city of Hyderabad.

  • Absolutely no commercial advertising is allowed/entertained in the community.

  • Do NOT use this forum to broadcast Forwards or any other form of Spam in the community.

  • If you feel like posting anything that appears to be like an update on your life, please feel free to do so on your own journal. This is a Public forum, please respect that.

  • When posting unusually long posts, please ensure the usage of an lj-cut, most members consider their friends pages to be sacred and having posts that eat up too much bandwidth are painful.

  • Cross-posting is considered rude if you don't forewarn members of the fact. Please point out cross-posts clearly.

  • Inconveniencing fellow members digitally is upsetting, please keep that down!

  • Panic: We try to encourage our members and visitors to trust the authenticity of news and top-level communication in the community. To keep that trust, we would appreciate it if you would examine news/information-based posts as to the authenticity of its contents. Please value this trust, as members, we owe each other the integrity of our posts. If you're not sure, please make sure that you mention the fact prominently. We do not wish to cause a panic among our members and those affiliated with them.

(If ever you feel the urge to do any of the above, please feel free to do so on your own journals.)

Usually the type of posts which we find in the community and are relevant are:

      1. Calls for get-togethers.
      2. Introductions.
      3. Announcements for events in and around Hyderabad.
      4. Requests for information on resources in Hyderabad.

New members please don't take it personally if your post is hijacked for community entertainment. Our moderation policy is passive. We delete spam and report spammers to the LiveJournal Abuse team, but will otherwise not censor anyone.

cyberabad is a do-what-you-please community, but that means that the rest of the community will do what they please too. If you post something here that is irrelevant or against the holistic vision of cyberabad as a community in the eyes of any of the rest of the members, don't be surprised if you're flamed in retaliation.

In addendum, if, for any reason, you feel there is injustice being committed here, or if you're unsure about the guidelines and are looking for a clarification, feel free to contact any of our active members or below listed maintainers.

Last but not the least, The mods have a simple message to all who enter. Every culture has its distinctive and normal system of government. Yours is democracy, moderated by corruption. Ours is totalitarianism, moderated by assassination. You have been warned.

About the city:

Hyderabad is more than just a picture postcard setting. A city of subtle contrasts everywhere you look. It is here that Orient and the occident meet, the pre-modern and the modern mingle, palatial buildings and slums co-exist.

The city where east meets west in Indian cultures, Hyderabad is also often described as the link between the North and the South.

The foundations were laid in the year 1589 by the fifth sultan of Golconda, Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah who had a torrid romance with a Banjara woman named Bhagmati, after whom the city was first named as Bhagya Nagar. Later to perpetuate his wife's memory, he enlarged the fort city of Golconda and bestowed on her the title "Haider Mahal". The city later came to be known as Hyderabad.

Once Hyderabad was known for it's Domes, Minarets and pearls. It hass now also become "Cyberabad" an investors paradise in the field of Technology as well as intellectual solace.

It is India's 5'th largest metropolis and a major industrial and educational center. While Telugu is the official and native language, a dialect Urdu called 'Deccan' is widely spoken. Usage of Marati, Kannada, Tamil and English has given the city a multilingual character.

:o) Interested? Damn you! Just join!

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We've had a few questions regarding secunderabad. Yes, it's a community, but as of now, it stands as the official "Cyberabad ReDirect Community". For all things Secunderabad, join cyberabad!

Please note that Hyderabad is not exactly a 'telugu speaking' city. Go to telugus for all things telugu.