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03 March 2009 @ 07:03 am
"Dakkan" Chargers!!!  
Ahem,...the brouhaha and the aura around the IPL has seen a considerable decline...,probably got to do with the fact that the general public are far to busy pondering about their own fortunes than worry about the fortunes of their fave team... although, it does seem to me that IPL might act like the venerable and feel good "malam" once it kick starts... The ah so beloved Chargers has peformed so dismally in the inaugural edition that its ended with the wooden spoon. Notwithstanding that one stretch of performance,notwithstanding the very very ill designed color combo for the official gear(yeah it just reminds that its been designed by some nincompoop who has had some access to the high priests there who have been calling all the shots, while at the same time being so damn disconnected to the entire realm of the sporting circles!!),the completely misfitting team owners and the horrific and jarring anthem, it still has a legion of very loyal fans who have stuck on...but still in the middle of all of this, the very very very apathetic team owners have not even bothered to activate the site (deccanchargers.com),....it was down from a lot of time now,....atleast six months,...expected them to sport some kind of a new look, a makeover kind of a thing atleast on the website after the franchise bought a set of new players......but you dont see anything of it...!! yeah maybe they are in the process of reinventing and rebranding themselves as the "DAKKAN" Chargers!!!.......would probably befit them.....